Silly Fucks

I'm absolutely fascinated by life’s complexities, and holy hell we can behave like silly fucks. The events of the weekend motivated me to put the fingers to work. To write about my position that has been etched into this crazy universe by my experiences and the people that I connect with.

Before you go thinking this is my pedestal of judgment I can assure you, it is. I have a lot to say and little to lose and my views may be less than charming. I am perfectly imperfect. I am not the mayor, a minister, the youth leader or the scoutmaster. I am no saint. I am not worried about disappointing you. I cuss. I drink. I've lied, cheated and repeated. Turns out we may have a lot in common.

I am an entertainer.  I'm willing to write about life's little indiscretions. It may not cast me in the best light but there isn't a single mistake I haven't learned from and I eagerly await the next. I only reserve moderate rights to privacy.  The tiny number reflected in my bank account, my Internet browsing history etc. However, I am finding peace with transparency and a happiness to share ideas that may serve as cautionary tales or some entertaining reads during your morning dump

-Joshua Dean