The Cart of War

I lay awake at night fearful of what our country has in store for us. Sure, I could be more optimistic, but the concerns are all too real. My most recent trip to the grocery store confirmed my worries. Child shoppers. Child shopping has risen exponentially. We let it happen.  It started with the introduction of the miniature shopping cart. A chariot-of-hope which serves as a pleasant distraction, allowing the vertically challenged to feel welcomed, empowered and helpful.  We enabled them. We thought it adorable like anything miniature but none of us knew the impact we would ultimately endure.

Initially, only the most gentrified and affluent neighborhoods were affected but the trend would butterfly affect its way across the country. A mother’s tear hitting a leaf in Los Angeles would double the mini-cart numbers in the most rural towns of Iowa. Aisle collisions are up nearly 10-fold and abandoned cart syndrome due to in-place tantrums, becoming increasingly common. 

As for the shoppers. Rude. I have never met a people less willing to communicate. Primitive tactics prevail as words are replaced with pointing towards pretty much anything over three feet. Your assistance is their expectation. Your time is their time. Shopping times have increased as their tiny legs cannot efficiently navigate the aisles and lack of knowing what the fuck they are doing prohibits them from completing even the most menial tasks unassisted. 

As we jump into 2017 be mindful of what is taking place around you. The larger issues typically serve as distractions and we cannot afford to let our guards down. We are relinquishing more and more control everyday to those that still get mad when the sun is in their face. They have become the victors. This time. 

-Joshua Dean